About Us

We develop products that deliver performance at a price that has a quick return on investment for small businesses.  We focus on cost of ownership and developing products that will be easier to operate and maintain thru their life cycle.  We offer all of our parts for sale and they are easily accessible on our website, if a part goes obsolete we will help you engineer a solution to replace it.  Our documentation, drawings, and bills of material are very detailed and are kept up to date with every change.  All of our documentation is revision controlled thru cloud hosted data management services with redundant backups.  We enjoy developing quality products and hope you will enjoy using them.  Drop us a note if you have any questions or suggestions we would like to hear what you have to say.



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  • Make higher speed CNC machines available to the small business owner
  • Help make small businesses successful in innovation and manufacturing
  • Build machines that surpass customers expectations
  • Execute a vision for the future
  • Have fun